VPAP continuously give recognition to the veterinarians who have worked hard to uplift the veterinary practice.

During the 45th VPAP Scientific Conference held on June 22-23, 2017 at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City, several veterinarians were given an award to recognize their work in their own field or practice: Dr. Joy M. Santos: Companion Animal Practice Awardee; Dr. Ben T. Gayares: Poultry Practice Awardee; Dr. Gerry A. Camer: Academe Practice Awardee; and Dr. Gemerlyn G. Garcia: Veterinary Research Practice Awardee.

Dr. Joy M. Santos

Companion Animal Practice
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Dr. Joy M. Santos Graduated in 1993 from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Currently She is the owner and practice Manager of D’Saints Veterinary Corner. She heads 6 veterinarian and at least 14 support staff. She has served the veterinary industry by representing the country as Board of Director (Asia Pacific Region) and as Leadership and Nomination of the World small Animal Veterinary Association. Currently, she is the President-Elect of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association and has served in several posts in the same organization. She is also an active member of the Philippine Animal Hospital association and has coordinated several activities such as Spay and Neuter Programs, Continuing Education Seminars and Outreach projects. 

Dr. Ben T. Gayares

Poultry Practice:
Sponsor: VPAP

Dr. Ben T. Gayares graduated in 1983 from the De La Salle Araneta University. He has been connected to several veterinary facilities and companies from companion animal practice and academe before settling in the Swine and Poultry Industry– his interests. He has been a resource speaker and consultant for various Swine and poultry events and companies and is also member of a number of Poultry and Livestock Association such as PEPA, BLEPA, BEPA, National Hog and Livestock Association, ALDEC, Jest Best Feeds Corp, UNIBAT.

Dr. Gerry A. Camer

Academe Practice
Sponsor: Animal Science, Inc. / Hills

Dr. Gerry A. Camer graduated in 1985 from the University of Eastern Philippines. He earned his Graduate Studies from the The University of Queensland, University of the Philippines, Rakuno Gakuen University and Chonbuk National University. He is a University Professor accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and of the Philippines Association of State Colleges and Universities. He has published papers and researches in ISI and peer reviewed journals and has served as resource speaker in various seminars. He has also received awards and certificates for his exemplary performance as a veterinarian, educator, and as a researcher.

Dr. Gemerlyn G. Garcia

Veterinary Research Practice
Sponsor: VPAP

Dr. Gemerlyn G. Garcia graduated in 1984 at the De La Salle Araneta University. She obtained her graduate degree in Central Luzon State University and Yamaguchi University. She is currently connected to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Science, Central Luzon State University. She has published papers in peer-reviewed and ISI Journals, and books. She has been involved as a project leader, and as a main and co-researcher is numerous research projects involving swine, poultry, fish, ruminants and others.